2012 m. sausio 17 d., antradienis

SAL Sweet Flowers

Hey again everyone :) I've started a new beautiful SAL from Angie . The design is  267x383 points. It consists of 11 parts  and will last about 10 months, hope i'll be strong enought to end it :)  I've picked evenweave 32ct light beige, DMC   Mouline thread 3712, 760, 761, 3024. This is my 1st part.

Also im working on Carton Marie-Cie "SAL Au Coeur des 4 saisons". Here are some picture of this work. It is stiched on same evenweave 32ct light beige and DMC multicolor 115 is used. I love this work because i'm resting of colors variations, hard charts when doing it :))))

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