2017 m. sausio 21 d., šeštadienis

Baby banket

This one was crocheted for my friend's newborn daughter. Warm gift for small girl with all my love.

African Flower

Big blanket for my bed, done in amazing pattern "African flower'. Took me a year to crotchet it but result is just wow :)

Haed by Kinuko Y Craft Arts

Long lasting project Haed by Kinuko Y Craft Arts "A Mid Summer Night Dream", / 525 W by 574 H/.
Started it 2009-12-11 and it isn't finished yet but am on last row already and crossing fingers I will finish it on 2017 :) Wish me luck and patience.

Here are the pictures how IT GROWS :)

2017 m. sausio 20 d., penktadienis

And again long silence here :) Having quite period in my life and I'm not crazy - crafty lol but couldn't sit without crafts so... stitch by stitch and tiny mushroom fairy was born.

Le Miroir aux Girolles (Chanterelle's Mirror) cross stitch by Nimue

2012 m. balandžio 4 d., trečiadienis

And I've done new project Lanarte Tulip for a present :)

2012 m. sausio 30 d., pirmadienis

Galbūt, kad šalta, o gal dėl to, kad norisi  išbandyti kažką naują, pabandžiau velti. Galiu pasakyti, kad procesas tikrai nesudėtingas, tačiau kaip ir visuose rankdarbiuose reikia kruopštumo ir , žinoma, laiko. Štai kokie mano praeitos savaitės veltinukai / Trying to felt ... Here are my last week felting works .